The Slutty Look

Can someone please tell me what it is? Why are young girls dressing so slutty? They aren't acting like sluts. You can see most of their ass hanging out of their dress, but no way in hell will the 3 or 4 guys in their 'herd' at the bar be getting any action... in Ontario, you just don't dress that way without expecting swarms of men to actually make a move.

The norm around here really seems to be chivalry for these 'attention whores'. I recently saw two drunks outside of one of the common bars where these girls flock, and in an effort to impress her, they were just about to fight. One guy slapped the other, but were not even able to try and impress her, because 2 undercover police joined the mix up with tasers.

If you want to be a skank, then do it. If you want an empire of followers that want to fuck you, jump off the bridge. —Anti-Hipster