Smashing thrashy metal out of the park

The members of Inmortis---Holly Fox, Lisa Faulkner, Jolene Zacher and Gerald Smith---bring a variety of influences to their virulent musical brew, including punk, thrash and black metal. “Basically we like music that doesn’t suck, and we smash it all together,” says Fox. The band is currently working on its first album with producer Mitch Kelly, and has shows booked with black metallers Panzerfaust (June 14) and a cancer benefit at Coconut Grove on July 9. As you may have guessed, this band doesn’t bullshit around. Faulkner and Zacher’s riffs rumble like the footsteps of sentinels while former Thy Flesh Consumed drummer Smith jackhammers each song into the ground. Meanwhile, Fox screams with a focused rage---targets that provoke particular ire include people who destroy nature and assholes on the internet. Inmortis scares me and I like it. Hail Satan