Deadly Hearts

Bar stars

You may know Jake Thurgood from his job beside the stage at Gus’---pouring your baby drafts---but enough nights beside the scene led him to join a band. Thurgood teamed up with Myles Deck, after trading records and chatting at the bar. “[Working at Gus’] got me thinking more about playing, for sure. I got to know Myles, all the local bands, and what’s missing,” Thurgood says. He’d previously played with hardcore outfit Oh God. “Myles and Craig [Buckley]...booked a show in Charlottetown when there wasn’t even a band yet.” The three and bandmate Ben Manuel met up with old rock ’n’ roll, R&B and newer garage rock covers, influences eventually built into original material. “It worked pretty much right away---we had a good chemistry from the first practice, almost homoerotic,” Thurgood says. He describes their sound as “everything that’s good about rock ’n’ roll music.” Check them out at the Seahorse June 21.