An advent calendar of poetry: December 6 | The Coast Halifax

An advent calendar of poetry: December 6

Halifax poet laureate Sue Goyette delivers her sixth daily poem between now and Winter Solstice.

Editor's Note: Each day from December 1 -21, Halifax' poet laureate Sue Goyette will write a new poem to share with the city on The Coast's website and social media. "If I need this, I bet other people need this," she told us on day one—and we think she's right. In a year that's felt like a months-long dusk, this will be some light we can carry forward, together, until the days begin to grow again.
Here is her poem for December 6:

The heart of December 6th isn’t the soprano you’d expect but a woman able to plumb the depths of baritone for its earth and its stones. A day without hours but cellos tuned with finely carved ebony pegs for how ebony is a wood that will sink in water. For this is the day tuned to the sinking. A traditional day will have many sections in its orchestra. Given the hymnal nature of December 6th, the air is softened to carry aloft fourteen young women to their future season of blossom. This isn’t a ceremony but a different species of breathing. We are breathing their unfurled petals and we are breathing the further along souls that simmer above our city from so many cellos ago. The ritual of sitting down and opening our hearts for them to take haven is something we’ve been doing since the beginning of breath. At the heart of mourning is an inlet with small boats for us to row forward. This is the work of remembering.