Median-Walking Morons | The Coast Halifax

Median-Walking Morons

To the down-on-his-luck fella looking glum while shaking a dirty paper cup at me at a red light at the intersection on Connaught and Bayers Rd, why can't you work? Really, do you think that the sad cardboard sign you're holding with your depressing message of despair and the backwards letter "n" for effect is helping your case? If you are physically able to walk and mentally able to read/write you are more than qualified to hold down employment. So while you are outside selling your dignity for what, 10 dollars an hour? I am out working, and I resent the fact that you have the confidence to stand there making an ass out of yourself.

P.S. If you have ever given a donation/contribution to one of these lazy, egomaniacs please consider sending me the money next time. I go to university, work, and would most likely NOT spend it on drugs, piercings, or tattoos. No promises though. —What's in that Backpack