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Win Win indie gold

Comedy-drama earns laughs and emotional beats

The director of The Station Agent and The Visitor, Thomas McCarthy, strikes indie gold again with this warm comedy-drama about a struggling lawyer who brings a runaway teen into his family and onto his high school wrestling team. Attorney and grappling coach Mike (Paul Giamatti) sees an opportunity to pocket some extra cash when he agrees to become the guardian of a client suffering from dementia, but gets more than he expected when the man’s grandson Kyle (Alex Shaffer) shows up, having run from his drug-addled mother. Mike and his wife (Amy Ryan) take Kyle in, and quickly find that the kid’s got all-state wrestling skills. Things start off good, go to shit and come back again, McCarthy guiding the action and the actors with his signature naturalism. His unforced style yields a movie in which every laugh and emotional beat seems earned.