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Titanic 100 events announced

Now with website launch

Yesterday’s Titanic 100 launch was a perfect time to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind this week. Not that Fringe Fest stuff, what is this, yesterday?

Is Ken Pinto indeed bringing an iceberg into Halifax Harbour?

Um, no. Apparently some totally lame naysayers claim an iceberg can stir up “metals and poisons into the harbour,” said a disappointed Ken Pinto to an equally disappointed Stephanie Johns.

There were some serious talks with iceberg towing companies, though. “They’re towing icebergs out there all the time,” Pinto says.

The Titanic Centennial proposed events include “a major conference, a wake and community festival, a film festival, concerts and legacy projects including a memorial monument”

Also distributed at the media launch was a two page letter explaining Pinto’s reasoning behind initiating a hiatus for the Atlantic Fringe. In a nutshell, he claims this was not his ideal plan, that 2010 was especially rough on the fest and he felt that it was time for a change and he did not find an appropriate replacement. He also says that 2013 seemed a more promising year due to the new venues for theatre that are due to open at that time. He suggests that the Labour Day weekend may no longer suit the festival as an ideal time.

He concludes the letter with a statement about wanting to move on. “Time for a new machine, new board, new blood, new volunteers,” he writes. “The difficulty is finding the group who will manage it well and keep it in the black so it will not die in a few years...” Maybe that’s you?