Dumbfounded | The Coast Halifax


I was recently watching a TV rerun with a certain news personality who went to eat at an African American restaurant and he proceeded to say, "Black people have had a rough go of it... some of them can't get past that." What do they have to get past? Why do people treat it as, just you know, a natural disaster that they had to get past? He also stated "...now some black Americans are beginning to think for themselves." Black people aren't starting to think for themselves... Caucasian folks are becoming less crazy! Just think about the subversive nature of that phrase, "finally you're thinking for yourself!" Like they were the ones with the problem in the beginning... um, no you wanker. He says, "and the blacks were well dressed." I won't even bother to go on. Can't believe this was allowed to air on a major news network. I'm not pointing any fingers but I'm just trying to bring attention to something that still happens a worrying amount. I know sometimes the racism thing is over discussed but I think this is an angle that hasn't quite been explored yet. —O