Getcher Skoolin Updatd

I know there are certain places online where anyone can post a free job opening ad, and maybe they're not the best places to look for work, but I believe in using every available resource. But it would be really, really nice for someone to proofread these things before you post them. If I have to take the time to edit and review my resume for errors, shouldn't an employer do the same for their job ad? Aside from making sure nobody with a brain applies for your job opening, you're also making your supposedly "repitable" company look really, really bad. Nevermind the fact that you clearly don't expect to play by the same rules as your employees when you ask that they have a "pst-secndary edutaction". And don't even get me started about job ads that are either so specific that no one qualifies, or so general that a horny rhesus monkey could do them... —Smacking Forehead