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Best All-ages Venue

The Pavilion

Best All-ages Venue
Julé  Malet-Veale

Located right next to the skate park by the Halifax Common on Cogswell, The Pavilion is going through a few changes. The venue’s director---the venue is owned by a non-profit group---Chris Smith says The Pavilion will continue to host quality gigs, but from a new angle. “We’re trying to build up the local all-ages scene again by doing fewer shows but making those shows more relevant, larger events.” With two shows each month, Smith says attendance really depends on the acts that play, and the venue should be busting at the seams for the following shows: May 14 is Cancer Bats, Three Inches of Blood, A Sight For Sewn Eyes and Black Moor, and May 15; Stereos and Neverest. (Dates and line-up are subject to change.)

1st Runner-up: CD Heaven

2nd Runner-up: The Khyber