Trains in Halifax, but not for Halifax

With some talk of commuter light-rail along the Bedford Hwy, some Haligonians have been wondering what these new locomotives are doing sitting on the tracks at the end of the rail cut on port lands. But don’t get too excited.

The five-unit choo choo that has been spotted at the south end terminal is en route to Rotterdam, Holland.

This model, JT42CWR, was originally built in Canada by General Motors, but has since been acquired by Electro-Motive Diesel in 2005. These trains are built in London, ON, and brought to Halifax to get shipped to The Netherlands on a Jumbo Shipping vessel.

With its sleek design, onlookers assumed it would be used as a passenger train, but Tom O’Connor, from Electro-Motive Diesel, says the train was built to haul freight. He didn’t specify what cargo it would be hauling when it got to Europe.

According to EMD’s website, this is a regular occurrence; finished locomotives are transported out of Halifax to many countries around the globe.

These class 66 trains are currently chugging in places like France, Sweden and Egypt. Czech Republic and Slovakia are also looking into the freight trains for the future.