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The King of 21

You may all think this bitch is about someone who, perhaps, is good at Blackjack. Or maybe someone who always beats me at a game of hoops. Guess again.

To the inconsiderate arsehat on the bus today, learn some friggin manners. The window seat to the INSIDE of you was the only one comfortably available to anyone and you decided you owned it. Bad enough you didn't move aside for me, but that didn't bother me so much. OK, it did; not because I had to stand, but because you showed such a lack of courtesy. I seriously thought about clouting that ugly wtf-stained touque of yours off your head when you sat there with your head down as the young lady got on at the next stop. If I see you tomorrow morning on the bus, I will make sure you move over. And you'll feel like the biggest idiot in the world when I make my point. Or better yet, how about you just stay home? There is no place for you in my world, nor in the world of my fellow commuters. —Jonnoman