Best Fashion Designer

Katrina Tuttle

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Rachael Shrum

Gold Winner Trevor Silver

Silver Winner Katrina Tuttle

Bronze Winner Lisa Drader Murphy

Trust. Respect. Educate. Value. Trevor Silver—the management student and designer behind tREv Clothing—was striving to live by these principles long before they became the pillars of his brand. Inspired by his “fashionista” mother from a young age, in 2017 Silver found his way into clothing while he was pursuing law school (which inspired his first design, called Balance Success), and it’s been full-steam ahead ever since. “Going to law school, I wanted to be the person I wanted to look up to as a kid. I still don’t know any Black male lawyers from my community. I may have switched my career path, but I can still make an impact on my community,” says Silver, who’s currently busy studying management and running a tREv pop-up shop at 5545 Clyde Street through to Christmas. “My ideal future would be for the brand to be a symbol of success, and to change peoples’ perception of streetwear.” Looking at tREv’s designs, we’d say the future is now.