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Best Sackville Restaurant

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Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner Kaiser's Sub & Sandwich Shoppes

Silver Winner Tom's Family Restaurant

Bronze Winner Freeman's Little New York

“Small is beautiful,” Rick Baker says of his just over 500-square-foot sandwich shop that has people flocking to a Sackville strip mall on the daily. Kaiser’s’ owner says the win begins with the old school submarine sandwiches but it’s the consistency that really resonates with people. “And having staff that understand what we were trying to do—it’s not rocket science but there’s a ton of detail. There might be 10 steps to put a product out but if you take six instead, it’s not the same product.” Baker adds that the shop’s success comes thanks to a “whole slew of little things,” TLC and word of mouth included. “I’m at the stage now where there are a lot of things going on that please the heck out of me. I now have parents bringing in their children and saying to me, ‘my dad brought me in when I was her age or his age.”