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Best Brew Pub

Good Robot Brewing Company

Gold Winner Good Robot Brewing Co.

Silver Winner Garrison Brewing Company

Bronze Winner New Scotland Brewing Co.

Josh Counsil credits Good Robot Brewing Co.’s latest win to a couple of important things that tie into its vision statement: “One thing is that beyond curating beer, we can curate quirky beer experiences and the other is that we do that for communities we specifically choose.” He’s talking about brewery initiatives like Flava Bot, an internal brand, led by brewer Giovanni Johnson that spotlights Caribbean culture, and Femme Bot, which celebrates women and women-identifying folks who have a bubbling interest in brewing. The Good Robot gang also hosts an average of three special events a week, the wackier the better. “It’s a public house, it’s a community bar, but you don’t just get the community in by opening,” says Counsil. “There are underserved groups that you have to work a little harder to get in the door.”