8 Jobs That Aren’t Just Trends, They’re the Future

Which jobs are guaranteed to be hiring for the next five to six years

Let's face it: you don't want a job that you can only count on for a year. Job security is hard to come by these days, and you want to be able to sleep soundly knowing that your skills are transferable (even in the wildest of job markets).

The job market is—and has been—rapidly changing with the rise of automation. The good news for us (and bad news for the robots) is that we've seen an increase in the value placed on creativity and emotional intelligence in the workplace. That means the dynamic jobs that depend on human interaction—nurses, therapists, and educators—are now more important than ever.

While looking at where we can make the most money, and at which industries are currently on the hunt, Workopolis also knows that we want to know which positions are the most likely to remain in-demand for the long haul.

1 Registered Nurse
This should come as no surprise, as our current population is split between the aging boomers and the millennials. We need to take care of our elderly population and the healthcare system is currently very understaffed. The Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) estimates as many as 25,000 new job openings for nurses in the next six years. If you're the caring type, they need you.
Pays: $47,882-$90,777 annually

2 Pharmacist
We live longer and have a cure for almost everything, thanks to modern medicine. Why not be a leader in the future of medicine and jump on the pharmaceutical train? Your nana will thank you for explaining her weekly prescriptions, and you'll be a local hero at every family gathering. Time to start studying up, there are 1,800 jobs waiting for you.
Pays: $63,798 - $114,285 annually

3 Psychologist
It's no secret that the mental health sector has seen an increase in demand with a reduction in the stigma of mental illness. Psychologists are some of the most in-demand positions needing to be filled ASAP, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon. Are you that friend who is always giving out free advice anyway? Why not train up, get paid and help a large population in need of mental health services while you're at it?
Pays: $48,840 - $153,971 annually

4 Physician assistant
Does eight years of schooling seem intimidating, but you still want to get involved in the medical industry? A career as a physician assistant may be the perfect middle ground for you. You get to make a difference, feel fulfilled and the field has seen a 40% wage increase in the last five years. Though it's an entry-level position, it could be just what the doctor ordered.
Pays: $31,094 - $93,777 annually

5 HR Manager
Funnily enough, due to Canada's unemployment rate remaining low, the importance of the Human Resources function has risen. HR managers keep talent flowing into the right positions and need to know how to find proper work for candidates. Use your matchmaking skills for good for once. Your friends are tired of being set up with each other.
Pays: $46,388-$97,768 annually

6 Software Engineer
Most jobs today require you to be either people—focused or technology—focused; Software Engineers are no exception in our modern world. We need techies who understand everything from design to telecommunications to working in the energy sector. This is a competitive job market, though, so try and think about what makes you stand out when applying.
Pays: $49,427 - $100,027 annually

7 Sales Representative
Everybody these days is trying to sell something on Instagram anyway, so why not go with the flow and use those people skills for the good of sales? Sales reps have a pretty lucrative career—if they do it right —especially if you're interested in online sales. Have we sold you on the gig?
Pays: $34,674 - $83,099 annually

8 Marketing communications manager
Robots don't know people; people know people. This particular job, though dominated by algorithms and loopholes, is and always will be best suited for the human mind and eye. We know how to connect with each other, we know what makes each other tick and we know what is likely to catch your attention. If you have a knack for modern trends, and crafting them in an appealing way, we see marketing in your future.
Pays: $40,336 - $88,377 annually