To all the cheap ass tippers out there

Ok, I have heard the argument over and over... you tip bad or don't tip at all because servers already get paid. Yes, they do, but at minimum wage and I am sure as hell doing more work to make your dining experience enjoyable than other individuals in minimum wage jobs (think fast food or that disgusting coffee everyone drinks). Not that they don't work hard too but serving is entirely different and when you stiff the server out of their tip, you are also sticking it to the cooks and support staff too (every server has to tip out a percentage of their tips to the rest of the staff in case your ignorance is your reason for tipping poorly). Oh, and those delivery drivers out there deserve your tips too especially if there is no delivery fee. Do you really think delivery drivers all get paid per delivery? Do you really think they want to drive all the way to your house for nothing? Who do you think pays for their gas or insurance? If you don't want to tip, get off your lazy asses and go pick up your order. Otherwise, suck it up and shell out the tip. —Sick of the cheap ass complainers