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The Radio Dept.

Passive aggressive: singles 2002-2010 (labrador)

After listening to the first few tracks of this double CD collection, a squall of thoughts crossed my mind. The first being “Holeeeeey fuck, why have I not heard this before?” How did this escape my radar? And then after nary a few more--especially the deeply transporting “The New Improved Hypocrisy"
--I was hooked. It was capital-L love, and I officially declared The Radio Dept to be my favourite new band
--OMD, Breathless and Factory Records before they were too cool for any school, with a don’t-give-a-shit early-Pavement irreverence. WOW. Who can resist that? Chronologically documenting the band's long out-of print singles (eBay lists a few originals at $50-plus, mates) Passive Aggressive is not just exciting because its new-to-me, it is re-affirming that no matter how many bands are labeled The Next Great Thing, there is always something else infinitely better.