The Loser Cruiser | The Coast Halifax

The Loser Cruiser

How do I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1) EVERYONE does not care or need to know who or what you did last night. Keep your conversations to a DULL ROAR please.
2)The passenger who decides their bag needs their own seat on a crowded bus.
3.)Go Time... really don't even get me started there.
4.)The Mom with the stroller on a crowded bus who refuses to fold that shit up. Before you start, I am a mother and back in the days of my kids being in strollers we were REQUIRED to fold it up.
5.)The passenger who thinks PERSONAL GROOMING is acceptable behaviour!

Most days I find my mode of public transportation quite entertaining and enjoyable. I smile at the people across from me, I give my seat up for the elderly or preggers, it's just a few little things that really grind my gears... the above mentioned are the top of that list! —JustJenn