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Halifax breakfast experts on how they like their eggs

That’s all, yolks

Heman Lee
Robie Street Station (2394 Robie Street)
"I can't give you an answer, I just love eggs. It is the underappreciated protein. It can be so versatile. It can be a creamy sauce to a elegant dish, a simple tie to a more exotic eccentric dish or a proper appetite suppressant in the middle of a busy day. There isn't much that the pretty little egg can't do. She is perfect."

Mary-Elle Planetta
Elle's Bistro (1678 Barrington Street)
"Because I often have limited time in the morning, I make toast and butter it, cut it into small squares and mix it in a bowl with three over-easy eggs and half an avocado sliced up. The yolk smothers all the little buttery toast bites. I actually used to make this sans avocado as a snack when I was a child. Delicious!"

Mark Giffin
The Coastal Cafe
(2731 Robie Street)
"I like my eggs over-easy with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper."

Emma Adamski
Cafe Good Luck
(145 Portland Street)
"I treat eggs as a condiment. I like them soft and spreadable, like a really buttery soft scramble to scoop up with toast, that's my most comforting. I also love a good soft boiled egg at dinner—in salads, so the yolk almost becomes like a dressing."