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You are religious!

Let's get this out into the open shall we? I am fucking sick and tired of those "non-religious" drones that copout on religion whether it's Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Agnostics, Wiccans, devil worshippers and the like are all worshipping a religion as well. You may not be worshipping in a world religion but yes you are worshipping. You have your own set of rules, holidays, mode of dress, etc. Even your own greetings! Just like standardized religions do. What is even more ironic is that most of you will go and celebrate Christmas with your family just to get the fucking presents or money! Well dear Wiccans, etc. You are religious. You do follow a set of rules and mode of worship so get the fuck over it! To the Agnostics, shit or get of the pot, which way are you going to follow? Agnostics are the worst copout, as they don't know which mode of worship to follow! —Own up to it! Your religious for fuck sakes.