To those who take the time to salt their sidewalks

Thank you! Over the past however many years, our weather has become much more icy than snowy and a lot (a LOT) of homeowners still just do a quick shovel or let the city deal with the sidewalks. Also, it seems fewer people are salting or gravelling their sidewalks (or doing it enough). As a chronic pedestrian with terrible balance even on solid pavement, walking the icy obstacle course to work in the winter is both inconvenient and dangerous. I've gotten more bruises than I can count so far this year alone. But then... then I come upon a house ot two, or sometimes an entire block, where the ice has been eaten away by judicious salt application or studded with enough gravel to make for stable footing. I can walk without fear of personal injury or being late to work. My life has been rough lately, and even the small things like not having to skate halfway to work can make my day a whole lot brighter. To all of you who take the time out of your day—even if the city has already salted and it's not quite enough—to sprinke down a few hefty scoops of salt or gravel, and especially to those who go above and beyond to break up the larger sidewalk ice sheets, thank you, thank, thank you! I can't tell you how much your efforts are appreciated by the pedestrians of the city.
—Wobbly walker