This is how we do it: The results of our 2019 Sex + Dating Survey

Our 10th annual excuse to be nosy

In honour of indoor, in-bed, in-our-feelings-season we asked you to overshare the juicy details your worst pillow talk, best trysts and loneliest Halifax nights. Here are the highlights from our 10th annual completely anonymous, super indulgent, always raunchy readers’ poll.

Of those of you who filled out the survey 48% identified as female, 65% are straight, around 40% fall between the ages of 22 and 32 and only 20% are single and looking.

But boy can you spill the tea. Some of our favourite talking points from this year's respondents include:

What's the most elaborate length you've ever gone for a hookup?
How do you keep the spark alive?
What was your first date like?
What's your go-to fantasy scenario?
Cringe-worthy quotes from Halifax dates
What are your biggest sex, dating and love questions?

Here's a snapshot at some standout stats from our Sex + Dating Survey. Let's do it again sometime, Halifax.