The AGNS turns over a new leaf with Akousmaflore

An interactive installation within The Last Frontier has plants and people canoodling.

When it comes to art galleries we're normally encouraged to look, but not touch. But the AGNS is branching out with Akousmaflore, an installation that is part of its current exhibit The Last Frontier. The interactive piece from two French artists, Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancx't (known together as Scenocosme), is made up of a garden of seven plants that respond to human presence with song. Any gesture, tickle or touch causes an electronic musical note and each plant reacts in a different way with its own voice. The blend of the garden's sounds results in a symphonic plant choir. "They sense your energy, that's how they're described by the artists. It's a very human way of seeing the plants and it's a very sweet, whimsical and really charming installation," says curator Sarah Fillmore.

To April 26, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1723 Hollis Street