In A Box Gifts have your gift

Local all-in-one shop brings the holiday variety

“We’re a little department store,” is how In A Box Gifts (1468 Dresden Row, 423-8031) co-owner Lezlie Oler---with Pam Piers---describes her shop. With the holidays rapidly approaching, it could be your one-stop gift-sourcing, uh, source, offering leather, travel products, books by Halifax authors and paintings by Nova Scotia painters. If your tastes are to the international, check out the Dutch and Swedish jewellery and Vietnamese silk clothing. And from now until Christmas you’ll find special sale items for party gifts, $20 a piece and wrapped, that Oler calls “the answer for a gift that’s more interesting than a bottle of wine.” And finally, check out their Drive By Shopping special: If you need a gift at short notice, give them a call and they’ll give you some ideas to choose from, wrap it and have it ready, all you'll need to do is stop by the store.