"Security" guy in company car needs to learn to obey traffic laws

The Nova Scotia Advocate reported "eight pedestrians hit in a 24-hour period" yesterday and I am shaking my head as a pedestrian at the complete disregard for my well being tonight.
You, a male driver, in a company security vehicle turning on to Gottingen Street from the MacDonald Bridge close to midnight, did NOT stop for the clearly marked and lit-up crosswalk sign and me, waiting to cautiously cross.

And you know why right? You were on your cell phone, not paying attention, asshole. I'll assume the next car behind ya didn't give a damn either but I will give thanks to the third car that stopped to let me cross like a decent human being. I am so tired of drivers not obeying traffic signals, as this is a regular occurrence EVERY DAY. What does it take, police patrol at every intersection? Heavy fines? Suspended Licence? Jail time?
—Not dead yet