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Best Italian Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant
ian selig

Gold Winner Ristorante a Mano

Silver Winner Rinaldo's Italian American Specialities

Bronze Winner Il Mercato

Ristorante a Mano has a good thing going, says GM Patrick Gaetz. “We offer great traditional pastas, a cozy atmosphere—it’s probably the whole package, the consistency. We don’t make a lot changes because we know why change something that isn’t broken?” Just because the menu full of pizzas, pastas and Italian antipasti is too good to overhaul doesn’t mean the waterfront restaurant is adverse to change. Actually, much the opposite. You best get your Best Pasta in while you can because Ristorante a Mano will be closing its doors in January and February for a little makeover. “The food will remain the same but it’s just time to do a little bit of updating. We want things to remain familiar but we want to make sure we’re staying current, fresh and new.”