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Best Smoothie

Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods, Halifax

Best Smoothie

Gold Winner Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods

Silver Winner Mr. Smooth

Bronze Winner Wild Leek

Let’s be honest—if you have a blender, it’s not hard to make a passable smoothie. But a great smoothie? The stuff of legend, consistently popular day in and day out, year after year, winning gold awards for a decade? That’s a Pete’s specialty, and the blender isn’t the key ingredient. “We started as a frootique,” says Pete’s marketing and communications strategist Samantha Warshick. “Fresh fruit and fresh produce are what we’re built on. That’s what we pride ourselves on.” So whether your tastes run to the kale in the Green Machine smoothie or the strawberries in a Passion Potion, join us in raising this glass, all the way to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.