Best Barista

Weird Harbour Espresso Bar

Gold Winner Jeremy Waterman, Low Point Coffee

Silver Winner Dan Weir, Weird Harbour

Bronze Winner Laura Arsenault, Java Blend Coffee Roasters

It’s been eight years since Jeremy Waterman started his career in coffee at Starbucks, and he’s come a long way, baby. When he’s not pulling drinks at Dilly Dally, the winning barista is growing his cold brew company Low Point Coffee with his pals and, most recently, exploring the art and science of roasting—a skill he’ll hope to put to use at his own cafe someday. “We’re hitting what seems to be our limit and then pushing past it. We thought we’d maybe make a case of coffee every week, and we’ve grown to 40 or 50 stockists around the city,” Waterman says of how the ever-growing Low Point keeps him eating, sleeping and breathing beans. “It’s already gone so much farther than I expected; we thought it would be a fun little hobby to take on.”