Five Nerdy Things You Can Do at Hal-Con This Year

(We know, they’re all nerdy things.)

via instagram @tannerzee

October 26-28
Halifax Convention Centre 1650 Argyle Street

1Nerds in Intersection

The white male empire has fallen: Meet activist cosplayer Akakioga and multidisciplinary Wolastoqikyik/Canadian artist and animator Tara Audibert. They've stormed the gates and raised their flags, and we're all better for it. Sun, 10:45am

2Librarians: The Myth, The Mystery, The Misconception

There's a thesis to be written about the roles librarians play in our actual society, and information management is just the start of it: If you add to the job description babysitter, social worker, logistician, computer software instruction and technician, and geriatric activation you're getting closer. This chat will likely open some eyes to the truth, while everyone not-so-secretly hopes Anthony Head, the fictional librarian and Watcher, Giles, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, drops by. He'll be in the building, after all. Fri, 4pm

3Eastern Watchmen Demonstration

Halifax has a light sabre duelling club?!! How have we missed this awesomeness? We do have a question, however: How likely is it we'll lose a limb like Ponda Baba in the Mos Eisley Cantina if we go to the demonstration? Sat, 6pm; Sun, 2pm

4Agent Carter's Dance Studio

Oh, Peggy, how we miss you. Here's hoping all the Agent Carter and Captain America cosplayers show up as we desperately 'ship them, all the while shaking our collective booties to those '40s swing dances. Instruction provided, no previous experience needed. Fri, 4pm

5Tanner Zipchen Photo Ops and Autograph Sessions

One seems reasonable. Maybe two. But three separate opportunities to have your photo taken with the Cineplex advertainment dude, on top of three other chances to have him sign something? Has Hal-Con wildly overestimated the draw of Mr. Zipchen? This weekend will tell. At least it's for a good cause—you get to donate to the IWK Foundation for the opportunity. No refunds! Fri, 1pm and 1:45pm; Sat, 11am, 2pm and 4pm; Sun, 11am and 2:30pm