A Wide-open Job Market

Who’s hiring today, and how much they pay

Sitting at your family dinner, you've probably heard the old "Well, what kind of a job is that?" or "You're still in school?" And don't forget this classic: "There are jobs out there, you're just not looking."

The odds are, you rushed into your first degree or are about to choose to attend college because family members told you to. But how much do they know about the state of today's employment economy? The best thing you can do when deciding between on a certificate or degree program is to wait, to research and to figure out which markets are hiring in Canada right now.

Three years after graduation, just a shade above 80 percent of college and university grads in Nova Scotia are working in a job related to their studies. That leaves 20 percent—one out of every five people!—with a disconnect between job and training, a huge gap in the market.

The most common reasons for this gap is because the jobs that are hiring aren't getting enough applicants, and programs that are oversaturated are receiving even more attendance. If a strong career is what you're after, Randstad has done the research to see where your skills will come in handy.

1. General Labourer

This is the top job in the market today, because it has built-in flexibility to adapt depending where you're needed. Duties can range from handling food on the assembly line to moving heavy loads. In this career, experience trumps education, so get out there and work.
Pays $15.90 to $18.39 an hour

2. Accountant

Mid-level positions are in high demand right now, which shows a revitalization in the health and financial industries. They need people they can trust with money, taxes and to eventually move up within the company.
Pays $63,000 to $75,000 annually

3. Engineering project manager

Are you someone who can build stuff, and handle a large group of people? This would be the ideal case for you. If you're an engineer who likes dealing with human resources as well as mechanical ones, even better.
Pays $74,000 to $92,000

4. Business Analyst

With a strong background in technology, you would be perfect for this job. Every business is constantly updating their software right now, and they're in need of people to make sure that their employees know how to use it. You could be that person.
Pays $73,000 to $87,000

5. Customer Service Representative

The art of business is the art of selling, which means the art of keeping people happy. Computers can't do that, but people can. If you're an upbeat person who loves to keep people on the bright side, a degree isn't a requirement for this gig.
Pays $37,000 to $43,000

6. IT project manager

A strong tech background is needed for this one. You'll be leading a team of developers, analysts and others just like you. The pay isn't bad, either.
Pays $92,000 to $114,000

7. Account Manager

You may not need a degree to be a sales representative, but if you want to keep moving up in the office, a degree or diploma will get you to this senior-level sales rep position.
Pays $75,000 to $92,000

8. Software Engineer

It's not all just iPhones and Macs, software comes down to kitchen appliances and banking utilities. A technical degree or diploma will secure you a job for as long as technology keeps advancing. Hint: it'll be awhile.
Pays $83,000 to $99,000

9. Forklift Operators

We thought this one would become extinct soon because of computers and AI, but so far it looks like there's too much to risk with bots being in charge. Even though humans may shop online, there's nothing virtual about the actual goods they're buying: Products get stored in giant warehouses, and need other humans to work the forklifts. Shop on, humans.
Pays $16.59 to $19.42 an hour