Swing battah battah!

Eyelevel Gallery and the Khyber go to bat for the game that'll change it all.

Gallery tensions are running high this week as artist-run centres Eyelevel and the Khyber suit up for Sunday's softball game. "Eyelevel hasn't won a game all year and our Khyber team hasn't either," says Mat Dunlap, psyching himself up for this final game of the season. "One of us gets to snap our losing streak." Eyelevel actually hasn't won a game in the four years the team's been playing, and the Khyber's team is new to the field this year. You can start your handclappers at 4pm, when the first of the two back-to-back games begins, and stay for game two at 5:30 as it'll be broadcast on CKDU by Eleanor King and Shaun "Mavis" Gillis---the hailing voice of the Rainmen. The Khyber Arts Society's chairman and former NSCAD president Garry Neill Kennedy is confirmed as the man throwing the first pitch, and halftime will bring fans a dog show, along with post-punkers Duzheknew. "The Khyber team is new to the league so we are a bit of the underdogs, but we have a lot to prove and we are hungry for a win," continues Dunlap. "We've been studying their moves and we know their weaknesses." Oh, and the gallery director of the losing team gets a pie in the face. Sweet, sweet victory.