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Belly Love

It's been a constant war between you and I for a countless number of years. Avoiding the foods I secretly longed to indulge in, and a constant feeling of deprivation. And no matter how careful I was, Waistline, you continued to expand. No amount of exercise and careful dieting would seem to stick.

I have realized: I just love food and the socail atmosphere it can promote. I have finally accepted that I can have whatever I please in moderation, and... so what?

It's amazing how long I've been living under this unknown stress, and now that I'm not fretting it, I've been so much happier. I'm learning to love you belly, and having fun while I do it! Yes, I've gotten quite a bit plumper, but you know what? I still excersise, quit smoking and actually still enjoy a lot of my 'rabit food'. This has been the biggest (literally) change of my life.

Dear Belly: Your not getting any smaller. No matter what, I'm never going to deprive myself of happiness again! —28" to 34" in exchange for inner peace