Incredible, hero-tistical, flailing arm Dad

To the progressive and eager father in Lawrencetown: Yeah, I know, it's the third day of school and you have something to prove. But don't stand on the edge of your driveway on the blind crest and jump out at me, flailing your arms with panic written all over your face, just because I'm doing 57 in a 50 zone.
Yes, I should have been going slower, but there are no signs. So, I'll be more aware next time. But maybe you should follow suit of some other high traffic small communities and put your energy into making a sign, like "slow down, we love our kids."
Should that be necessary? No. But it works. And my 57 pales in comparison to the 67 or 77 the next driver might be doing, and no one needs to be sent off the road—nor do you need to be a hero and get injured or killed on what looks your child's first days of school. Stand back, jot license plate numbers, call police for more presence, publically shame people—or make a sign. Whatever. Just contribute to a solution instead of making it worse.
—Still on vacation and forgetful