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Common people celebration

Thank you to all the amazing people who came out to the Commons yesterday and night!! and to the Police who were EXTREMELY awesome in respecting our rights as common people, and treating us like people, not just some alternative kids trying to start a ruckus. even late at night with fire and drum circles... I think they are getting to know and like our peaceful family.

The day started early afternoon with some hooping, poi, rope dart, staff, baked goods to support cancer research, painting our evolve flag, and people, drums, guitars, beautiful music, People and to finish off, some fire.. thank you to all. I love you. You are who make this happen.

To all who read this.. every Sunday at noon till sleep time. come out to the commons to enjoy some beautiful people, insight, art and music. you wont be disappointed. —Druncan St. Cheese Factory Trifecta