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Go Local: Halifax Waterfront

Strolling around the boardwalk on a day Queen Elizabeth was visiting made for an especially exciting Go Local experience for Shoptalk.

But really, even on a day sans monarchy, the waterfront is a genuine pleasure for visitors and locals. With plenty to eat, see and browse, a few hours down by the water can just fly by.

Boutique Joliette
1870 Hollis Street, 405-4057
After almost a year near the corner of Hollis and Duke, proprietor Alexis Mahoney still has folks stopping by saying, “I didn’t know you were here.” Well, we aim to change that: Boutique Joliette is way too much fun to be a secret of the fashionable cognoscenti. Mahoney carries all Canadian designers, including Halifax’s Susan Johnston Clothing, which includes handmade jackets and tops, though she doesn’t have much of it in stock because she “can’t keep it in.” Also check out Vive Jewelry---crystal and silver for brides---plenty of other accessories, including a popular line of casual clutches, and vintage wear, too.

Ryan Duffy’s Steak and Seafood
1650 Bedford Row, 421-1116
From July 15, the stylish eatery at the corner of Bedford Row and Sackville Street will be featuring a cocktail hour, seven days a week from 4:30-7pm, with $4 drink specials (on mixed drinks, wine and beer), along with a new cocktail hour menu. “We’re looking to draw the workforce in to join us at the bar and in our lounge area,” says general manager Heather Coffen. Customers can also expect a new lunch and dinner menu with a focus on local food, including beef tenderloin, pork and veal from the Valley, as well as Nova Scotia halibut.

House Warmings
The Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water Street, 425-1777
Opened in 1996, House Warmings will be one of the Brewery Market businesses to stay put when the new Seaport Farmers’ Market opens. Anyone who has visited the store on Saturdays (it’s also open Tuesday through Friday) will have noted the plethora of home accessories, from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom, with gifts for anyone who takes pride in their living space. Check out the dory dish, ideal for casseroles or salads, as well as a new venture into women’s accessories: shawls, scarves and passport wallets.

Hart & Thistle
1869 Upper Water Street, 407-4278
It’s the spot you find in Historic Properties before you hit the water, the popular gastropub has a lot going for it in terms of dips, wings, nachos, soups, salads and sandwiches. Handcrafted ales bring the beer connoisseurs, but for everyone else, the eatery is a big draw on summer days due to that enormous waterside patio.

Argyle Fine Art
1869 Upper Water Street, 425-9456
July is a month where the gallery doesn’t host a particular show, but instead displays emerging artists and artists new to the gallery, with a weekly cycle of work on the walls. In the weeks to come, expect to see paintings that will include Trevor Van Den Eijnden’s urban imagery, Amelie Jerome’s large abstracts as well as Geoffrey Grantham’s intimate landscapes.

Feroz Design
5112 Prince Street, 406-3332
Jewellery-makers Mario and Mayra Dubé make all the beaded accessories in the shop, with a little help from talented employees such as NSCAD jewellery student Jessie Marshall. You’ll also find imported rugs, bags, scarves from India and Peruvian alpaca sweaters. And the Dubés have a new and growing concern just a couple doors down, the Dancing Beaver Gallery (5110 Prince Street at Lower Water), which showcases Nova Scotia art and artisans.

Black Bear Ice Cream
On the boardwalk
Well, between the Beaver Tails and the pizza and the fish and chips, a meander along the boardwalk needn’t be on an empty stomach. For us, ice cream is always the draw, and Black Bear has more than two dozen flavours, as well as banana splits, gelato and a variety of other sweet and cooling refreshers to complement your waterfront experience.

Bishop’s Landing, 1477 Lower Water Street, 429-0986
Lisa Drader-Murphy’s fashion boutique is featuring brand new linen poet dresses and mod circles---black dresses that can be worn five different ways. It’s all about “versatility and comfort this summer,” says sales associate Emily Wheeler. There are also summer discounts to be found, on the 50-percent- off dress rack and jewellery display.

Bishop’s Cellar
Bishop’s Landing, 1477 Lower Water Street, 429-0986
For a sit-down dinner, this swish square forces gourmands to make a tough decision: Hamachi Steakhouse, Bish or Ristorante a Mano. But if you’re planning a special home-cooked meal, the wine experts at Bishop’s Cellar will set you up. New in the coming weeks are wines from Spain and Portugal, with mysterious, sexy names such as Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, Abad Dom Bueno and Altorredondo Tempranillo. The tasting for these new wines will take place July 25, 5-7pm, ($10) with a California wine-tasting happening tomorrow night (July 9, $20).

Garrison Brewing Company
1149 Marginal Road, 453-5343
As fans of the local microbrewery will know, they offer a selection of seasonal, preservative-free beers for you to enjoy...but don’t get too attached, because they aren’t around for too long. For the summer, try the Blackberry Wheat Ale, with a natural fruit flavour that speaks to the best of the season. Also inquire after their year-round brews, including the Tall Ship Amber, Raspberry Wheat and the Imperial IPA, amongst others.

The Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water Street, 425-2108
The jewellery store has been in business for 12 years---with locations also in Bedford and New Glasgow---offering sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones---“stones that wouldn’t normally be considered for jewellery,” says manager Kaitlin Brydon---at reasonable prices. The stones, imported from Thailand, Nepal and Mexico, amongst other far-flung destinations, include, for example, the vibrant purple phosphosiderite. Trying saying that five times quickly.