High Life | The Coast Halifax

High Life

Directed by Gary Yates (Triptych Media)

Back in the ’90s a lot of movies got made in the wake of Quentin Tarantino’s success: light, wordy and violent crime films, few of which managed to match his gift with dialogue or structural grace. Here director Gary Yates revives the post-Tarantino genre like the past decade never happened, aiming for more giddy laughs in a Winnipeg-shot story of an ATM heist by drug addicts, but the film never engages. It’s self-consciously quirky, rife with the bad lighting, bad wigs and over-familiar Can-rock on the soundtrack; Tarantino’s cool trick was sourcing obscure and cheery AM radio gems to offset the blood. There’s some pleasure in a cast occasionally outshining the material, especially Timothy Olyphant and Rossif Sutherland, but they live in a world without suspense.