On the boardwalk

Artists set up their work for a Canada Day exhibition along the Dartmouth waterfront.

Canada Day brings a patriotic list of events to Dartmouth's waterfront, filled with live music (see the shortlist on page 15), pancake breakfasts (see Events, page 18) and red-and-white painted faces. Walk along the boardwalk anytime between 10am and 6pm and you'll find more than face paint---over 30 artists will be both showing and creating their works for the holiday's foot traffic. "This is probably our eighth year," says Craig Gallery coordinator Kim Farmer, who's organizing the event. "It's been amazing, because we do have Canada Day celebrations going on all day here, pancake breakfast and then setting up for the Joel Plaskett concert at night. We probably get, I'd say, about five to 6,000 people walking in through the day." If it's raining, the event's still a go, with the artists' tables moved inside to the market area.