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Internet Cheating is STILL CHEATING!!

So again I see the text messages to and from girls you meet on the internet. Leading them on, talking to them like you do me - your GIRLFRIEND. You can't blame me for snooping when you are the one hiding shit!

Hey FUCKTARD how many times do I have to catch you before you fucking get it!! CHEATING isn't always PHYSICAL SEX! There are other forms of cheating to. What you did is un acceptable.

Have any other girls had their heart broken from this? It makes me really hate the internet. Why can't men just stop trying to get attention and love what they have!! I can honestly say I am a great girlfriend. I entertain, can cook, I am smart, have a great job... I am pretty. ??? what else do you want from me?

I love him but I have to leave him. Fuck! —Starting OVER