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Sensationalistic shit

Dear Media:

Why the fuck do you insist on printing the horrible details of a person's death? Is it not bad enough someone was murdered? Do we have to know the details? Do you never think that when you post pictures of a car wreck, that the family of the victim wake up and find it on their front door step?

When I mentioned this to a local reporter they told me it is because it's what the public wants. I got news for you assholes, I am a member of the public and I do not want that.

Are you responsible journalists or are you just trying to create a fucking feeding frenzy? Please stop pretending that you are not just another tabloid. Have some respect for those who's lives meant something and should not be reduced to fodder for your fucking sales.

How would you feel if the details of your sister's rape were published? Or your father's blanket covered corpse ended up on the front page? Or maybe your daughter's murder was used as a sound bite so you don't touch that dial?

Do you ever stop and think that these details make their way into our children's lives and dreams?

You make me sick. —Disgusted