Get off my tail! | The Coast Halifax

Get off my tail!

Ok people, listen up: some of us drive vehicles of the manual shift variety. I like my standard and prefer to drive one over an automatic. My question to other motorists out there: is it absolutely necessary to stop so closely behind me?

In case you weren't aware there is, no matter how quick you are on the clutch, a small element of "roll back" that occurs when driving a standard when taking off from a start. This "roll back" factor increases when stopped on a hill. You being parked in my backseat doesn't help.

If I can count your nose hairs in my rear-view mirror you're too damn close! You're the moron that stopped that close to me, don't honk and flip me one when my car rolls back. A little space would be appreciated. —If you're going to ride my tail at least pull my hair.