Quivers | The Coast Halifax


With former members of The Gideons, and influenced by '70s punk.

Two-fifths of beloved-but-defunct psychedelic rock band The Gideons, the more punk-influenced Quivers began practising a few months ago, playing their first show in April. “My old band broke up and Lyle [Peterson] and I wanted to keep playing together,” frontman Josh Salter explains. They joined forces with bassist Ryan Allen (Cold Warps) and drummer Matt Peters.

“I wanted Ryan in the band because everyone likes him, he has lots of friends to come to shows,” Salter says. “Less people like Ryan than I initially thought, though.”

Salter cites ’70s American punk as a major influence, including Television, The Stooges and The Replacements, “pretty much any ‘proto-punk’ band or any band who had members who were also rock critics,” Allen adds.

They’re working on some demos and recordings for a seven-inch compilation with Hot Money Records. “We want to play house shows,” Salter says. Book them in your living room now.