Halifax embraces World Cup | The Coast Halifax

Halifax embraces World Cup

Local eateries Gatsby’s and Pipa lead with their feet

Fans of footie are gearing up for the world-shaking, month-long soccer tournament and Spring Garden Road eatery Gatsby’s (5675 Spring Garden Road, 429-9999) has new owners who want you to know they’re ready for your bum in their seats when the whistle blows on June 11. They’re powering up a 106-inch high-def screen for taking in every pore on Cristiano Ronaldo’s face. And down on Argyle, Brazilian restaurant Pipa (1685 Argyle Street, 407-7472) is opening its atrium, formerly a storage area when the space was The Wooden Monkey. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a visit, a beautiful open space in the back of the place with an enormous, peaked glass ceiling. Details of the liquor licence are being worked out now, and they’re planning on bringing in a TV for the Cup, so expect tapas and drink specials to follow.