This is why you're fat | The Coast Halifax

This is why you're fat

Where in the Jesus Hell can a person find a supplier of raw (ie. unpasteurized) milk in this city?? I understand that it's technically illegal to sell the stuff, but let's be practical - people have hacked their iphones to do more insidious shit. If I want to take the supposed health risk of injecting pure, unadulterated bovine lactation into my goddamn VEINS, that should be MY call to make.

Seriously, what do I have to do here, meet some dairy farmer down at the pier at midnight with a wad of bills? Drive around the south shore flashing my tits for some hot, frothy love?? You can't throw a rock in this city without hitting six dealers growing cannabis in their fucking flower gardens, so why is this so fucking difficult?

I know it's big business's fault for wanting to keep as much agricultural profits in their pocket as possible, but MAN UP, dairy farmers! Or at least start making your own skyr, how about it? —NOT getting a raw deal that's for damn sure