Get Ready! Students are returning!

University students are returning to town! Most have no life skills, so taking the bus can be complicated. You'll find them stuck in the aisle, stuck by the exit door, only concerned with the next text on their smartphone, oblivious to everyone else. Don't talk at them too loudly—they are easily dumbfounded. I remember those days.
And, transit is going to change the bus routes—but they have already changed the signs, removing routes there are going to be discontinued, and added the new route numbers for Aug 20th changes! Good luck finding you route number to contact departure times: You need that number to get the next bus time. Avoid routes 42, 18 and 17 as these are the university routes. What kind intelligence do these students possess? Get your shit together before you inflict yourself on the rest of us.
—Your education should include a class in life skills!