Girl on the Moon makes a splash | The Coast Halifax

Girl on the Moon makes a splash

Alison Durning blends unique fashion and practicality with her handmade swimwear

Alison Durning
makes something you never thought you’d need, something no one else in the city is making: crochet bikini tops and bottoms.

Perfect for any kind of summer day—you might end up on the beach, or you might not. Wear them under a shirt, or in the water, they’ll hold up just fine. Under the label Girl on the Moon, Durning sells the bikinis mainly online, but now that she’s back in Halifax after a stint abroad, she is developing an offline retail presence.

“I started two years ago, more just because I wanted a hobby,” says Durning. “I was working full time and just wanted something to do after work and in my spare time, and then I ended up with 10 bikinis and thought ‘I need to make these for other people!’ So I opened an Etsy shop and that’s where it all started.”
Durning studied fashion at Humber College in Toronto, so she’s always had a passion for making her own clothes. “I think about fit more than anything,” she says, “especially with a bikini because I want it to be comfortable, and to cover everything you want it to cover.”

After working in a “fast fashion industry” while abroad, Durning likes to make sure her products are as sustainable as possible, staying away from “cheap, horrible fabrics.” She spends a lot of time and effort sourcing her own cottons and textiles.

“Taking textiles that have a cultural importance and can provide a living for people who otherwise aren’t earning from what they’re making, that’s how I’m hoping to grow my business,” she says.

But it’s more than just a business for Durning, it’s therapeutic. “I love sitting and crocheting. It really doesn’t feel like work, it’s so relaxing! I think a lot of people feel that way about making things with their hands, whether that’s crocheting or knitting or embroidery, it’s nice to sit and just make
You can catch Durning’s work on her  Instagram, or connect with her in person at the Maritime Makers event Saturday, September 22 at the Cunard Centre. And to get in the swim right away, a selection of Girl on the Moon creations can also be found at Makenew Curated Thrift (2698 Agricola Street).