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Honk if you're in immediate danger

Today I was on the 10 going down Gottigen St when a lady with a baby stroller wanted to cross the road. The bus driver slowed and stopped at the painted, clearly marked crosswalk. The lady started to cross and almost reached the left side of the front of the bus when OUT OF NOWHERE a black truck FLIES past the bus, almost hitting the lady and the stroller.

Didn't see the crosswalk buddy? Too busy beating off to how fast your big black truck is to notice the bus was NOT at a bus stop, but stopping for a pedestrian?

Thank GOD the bus driver checked his mirror a split second before the truck almost sheared off the front of the stroller and honked to warn the lady.

Thank GOD it took her a split second to look at the bus driver wondering why.

No one wants to think what might have happened if he hadn't.

I understand when motorists get impatient waiting behind buses- hey, I've even passed a bus or two- but S L O W L Y! I mean this guy didn't even slow down the slightest bit, or consider that maybe the bus was stopped for a reason.

Slow the fuck down. —Owner of an Angry Heart