Another Bus Bitch, but from a Cyclist | The Coast Halifax

Another Bus Bitch, but from a Cyclist

Look, asshole, when two cyclists are within 25m of your stop would it kill you to wait that extra 2 seconds to let the cyclists roll by? Instead of turning on your signal light when us two were beside you can then cramming us over, forcing us to break and get behind you where the exhaust comes out, couldn't you have just waited and let us roll on by and then turn in? Everybody knows that you fuckers don't have a schedule to keep so whats the big fucking rush? You in hurry to get home? Fuck you.

Yeah, don't worry I won't call your supervisor and complain because I know none of you give a fuck. Me flipping you the bird was good enough. But you ever run me over, whats left of my carcass is suing your bus driving ass, dig? —Cranky