Where's the fun, New Brunswick?

Right next door, Halifax.

You’ve probably been wondering W.T.F. or “Where’s The Fun” in New Brunswick? And we’re here to do the ground work for you. Let’s complete your weekend itinerary with a main course of quirky with a side of W.T.F. (Where’s The Fun) between August 10 – 12.

Could you find festivities closer to Halifax? Probably. But no one does eccentric and fun like New Brunswick. Get out of your funk, leave the HRM for a weekend, and why not get a little weird?

Leave without a trace and come back with stories you’d rather not tell – don’t worry, your secret love-affair with NB is safe with us. Let your hair down and push away the “morning after” regret while you rejoice in a weekend well-spent.


Tide & Boar Brewing - SUBMITTED
Tide & Boar Brewing

Tap That

While we respect each other’s bodies, we don’t always respect our own and demand it be filled with top-notch craft brews. It wouldn’t be a road trip into Moncton without stopping at Tide and Boar Brewing (not for the fans of Corona.)

The unexpected is exactly what’s expected from these quirky brewers, and the featured musicians fit in the traditional mold less than you did in the 5th grade.

Friday night, be prepared for extreme theatrics and colourful visuals on love, revenge, religion, and war with The PepTides who are as Canadian as you can get with a rainbow of identities that best represent our nation.


A Hodge Podge of Music

The main reason for the trip is always a hot, sweaty, body-on-body kind of event and Acadie Rock is no exception.

Flick on your French and get ready for a bilingual festival that takes polar opposite sounds and combines them into an Acadian multidisciplinary event. Who knew accordion-creole, psychedelic rock/heavy soul, and powerful lyrics could all fit into the same festival?

Featured bands for the weekend include:

Saturday: The Moontunes, Tampa, DJ Dick Daigle

Sunday: Christine Melanson, Jourdan Thibodeaux and the Rodailleurs

Almost Traditional

A converted school turned rotating-menu restaurant, Les Brumes du Coude is so close to being normal – but where’s the fun in that?

Treat yourself to a meal that will bring your heart tears of joy with gnocchi fries, pig gravy, or Acadian râpée with lobster and caviar. Though not for you picky eaters, Les Brumes du Coude welcomes the non-traditionalists. Who said fancy has to be pretentious?



Retox to Detox

Having fun is hard work and you’ll need some hardcore relaxation to ease you back into the real world on Monday.

USV Spa Nordik will combat the booze and make you feel like this weekend never really happened – but who are we kidding, there’s always that one friend who’ll remind you.

They recommend staying at this traditional pool and spa for 2 -3 hours to enjoy the rotating hot and cold waters. Twist your arm, right?

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick - SUBMITTED
Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick

One Last WTF

Cap the weekend off with an optical illusion that quickly turns into a “buckle your seat belt” experience. This unknown magnetic phenomena at Magnetic Hill takes your car from a stand-still up to the top of the hill without even pressing on the gas.

Magic or mystery, we’ll leave it at totally WTF awesome. (If only it could propel you home.)

If these don’t leave you saying WTF after your weekend, we’ll try again next week. New Brunswick always has new odd sh-tuff to please even the pickiest of weirdos.

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