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Gonna Walk Down Thru Eclectic Avenue

Raise money for CKDU! Eat free pizza! Dance your face off! Secret guests!

hey, look, its DJ Pizza!
  • hey, look, it's DJ Pizza!

CKDU is kicking off a new monthly fundraiser tomorrow night (Wednesday May 5) at the Seahorse called Eclectic Avenue. The first edition is happening tomorrow with DJ Bumpsie, DJ Zack Shave, the First Aid Kit and a "surprise guest" whose name rhymes with Itch Ow Loin. Think about it for a sec.
The cover is $5, there's $3.50 drinks all night and if you come early you get free organic pizza from Island Greek. All signs point to delicious.

Although the event is mainly a station fundraiser, CKDU program director Tarek Al-Zand says, "A big motivator fororganizing the event was to provide a chance for our DJs to program music outside the radio environment." So basically, you can look forward to hearing your favorite CKDU DJs going buck wild as these events continue. We'll keep you posted when the next one's coming up - in the meantime, go forth tomorrow night and eat and dance your fill.